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Tango Dance Classes in Nottingham

tango dance classes in nottingham

We are all enchanted by the art of Tango. On strictly come dancing the Argentine Tango is one of the most anticipated dances of every series as it is dramatic and passionate, a powerful dance characterized by its intensity, complexity, and most of all passion.

The Argentine Tango is a 'non-verbal' dance embodying a high degree of consciousness. This style is danced in an embrace that can vary from vary from open to closed, in which the leader and follower connect at arm’s length or to connect chest-to-chest

At our studios our Tango dance classes in Nottingham are no different, it is considered the “dancer’s dance” and becomes a favourite of all who learn it. It is said in order to achieve the distinctive style of the Tango it is important to develop controlled staccato footwork, along with fluid graceful movements. Your tango dance instructor will try to focus on creating a friendly environment so that you feel relaxed in the dance in order to develop whilst listening to elegant and passionate rich tango music combined with socializing whilst engineered to keeping your body fit.

Tango Dance Nottingham

Nottingham Dance Centre @
Union Rowing Club,
Trentside North,
NG2 5FA.

Tango classes in Nottingham are running

Mondays 7pm-8:00pm
Beginners Level
Age Group 18yrs-75yrs
Cost £8 per session
Teacher Daniela

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Tango classes in Nottingham are on a drop in basis.
Around 15-25 people attend each class
Previous Tango Classes experience not required
Any leather or suede soled shoe will do for the first few classes
Comfortable clothing .