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Flamenco Dance Classes in Nottingham

flamenco classes in nottingham

At our Flamenco dance classes in Nottingham our students are taught with a sound and traditionally-based vocabulary in Flamenco, enabling them to understand what they see and hear in Flamenco.

At the beginner’s level class, your flamenco dance teacher will teach you structures through choreographies and musical arrangements. Our focus is on technique and body awareness. You will be taught arm movements, footwork patterns, hand-clapping, turns and choreography, the history, structure, vocabulary and emotions of flamenco are also explained to offer the students a more comprehensive training

We have created basic, easy-to-understand choreographies that teach the student not only steps, but how those steps fit into the routine . We have developed a pattern of footwork exercises specific to each routine that will allow the student to further understand Flamenco.

Flamenco Dance Nottingham

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Flamenco classes in Nottingham will commence in January 2017

Intermediate Level
Age Group 16yrs-75yrs
Cost £5 per session
Teacher to be confirmed

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Flamenco classes in Nottingham are on a drop in basis.
Around 10 people attend each class
Previous Flamenco Classes experience is required for the intermediate class
Comfortable clothing .