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Capoeira Classes in Nottingham

capoeira classes in nottingham

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art rich in culture, utilizes kicks and cartwheels, high flying tricks and fluid floor movements to music and song to form a playful fight or game depending on how you look at it.It is believed to be developed by slaves in Brazil, and is now popular all around the world.

Our Capoeira classes in Nottingham is designed to improve your strength, flexibility and stamina, as well as coordination combined elements of dance and music, Our classes are so much fun, you won’t realize you are working out.


Capoeira Nottingham

Nottingham Dance Centre @
The International Community Centre (YMCA)
61b Mansfield Road,

Wednesdays 7pm-8:30pm
Beginners Level
Age Group 16yrs-75yrs
Cost £8 per session

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Capoeira classes in Nottingham are on a drop in basis.
Previous Capoeira Classes experience not required
Comfortable clothing .