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Belly Dance Classes in Nottingham

belly dance classes in nottingham

Our belly dance classes in Nottingham consists of 2 levels a beginners class and an intermediate level class . in the beginners class your belly dance teacher will introduce students to the beautiful and elegant art form of Middle Eastern belly dance while building strength, flexibility and great muscle control. The sessions will focus not just on on building basic bellydance moves but also increasing your dance vocabulary. You will be taught will proper posture, isolation techniques, essential moves and traveling steps, and simple dance combinations. Each workshop will incorporate cardio and stretch warm-up and lots of drills designed to make you sweat but with a guarantee you will enjoy the workout.

In your intermediate class you will focus on not just Choreography but Performance
This class offers more challenge to students who already feel comfortable with bellydance essentials. With the introduction of more difficult techniques, transitions between movements, layering, complex dance combinations and choreographies, props. Musical interpretation and performance skills will be taught as well.


Belly Dance Nottingham

Nottingham Dance Centre @ Om Studios,
19 Greyhound Street,
Nottingham City Centre,

Belly dance classes in Nottingham are running

Mondays 6pm-7:30pm
Beginners Level
Age Group 17yrs-75yrs
Cost £7 per session £48 for 8 classes
Teacher patricia

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Belly Dance classes in Nottingham are on a course and drop in basis.
Belly Dance Classes experience not essential for beginners class
Comfortable clothing, leggings. t-shirts